As NTD TVí»s flagship documentary series, Zooming In explores the critical issues of our time. With a focus on Asia, particularly on China, this program covers stories ranging from health to family, from culture to technology, from personal stories to crime investigations, and from community affairs to controversial international issues. In producing Zooming In episodes, first-hand materials are used whenever possible. Well-researched reports, good story telling and engaging visual presentation are what Zooming In producers from all over the globe are striving to deliver to their viewers.To the best of our knowledge, Zooming In is the only program of its kind at the present time in North America.
  Zooming In is produced in both Chinese and English languages. The first episode of Zooming In is produced in September 2004. Currently, the Chinese version is a half hour bi-weekly series. However, from time to time, it also delivers special reports on one-hour segments. English episodes are produced on a less often bases. Zooming In is being broadcast via New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD-TV)í»s satellite as well as cable distribution system, reaching an estimated 60% of the ethnic Chinese in America and about 50 million viewers in Mainland China.
Many of the programs address issues from the perspectives of ethnic Chinese. These perspectives are also useful to people interested in understanding the lives of Chinese immigrants, Chinese culture, and contemporary China. Accordingly, the English versions of Zooming In are produced simultaneously with the Chinese versions in many cases.
The production team of Zooming In consists of both experienced TV professionals and motivated community volunteers. The executive producer, Simone Gao, has over ten years experience in documentary producing and news anchoring. Ms. Gao holds a Masterí»s degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. The English edition of Zooming In programs has been shown on KVCR, a LA PBS station since June, 2006.